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Goldline 10K Solar Pool Sensor 2 Pack (SEN-A)

Goldline 10K Solar Pool Sensor 2 Pack (SEN-A)

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Goldline/Hayward OEM SEN-A sensor pack. New, pulled from control package. Contains 2 dual purpose 10K solar pool sensors (Model PC) and 2" stainless hose clamp. May be used with all Goldline, Pentair, or Heliotrope Pool controllers. Goldline part SEN-A.

For best durability, we recommend soldering sensor leads to extension wires in all applications. Soldered connections should be protected using 3M #33 black electrical tape, as this is UV resistant and will provide a weatherproof seal.

Sun Source SKU: CT-0152
Goldline Part: SEN-A

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